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Linux Distributions for POWER

Supported Distributions

Working Distributions

Setup Installation

Documentation about first system setup

Downlad a PDF article "Setting up your IBM eServer OpenPower server". This document describes first system setup with HMC and using serial console.

Installing Openpower without HMC with serial connection

See "Setting up your IBM eServer OpenPower server" for details.

In addition use "console=hvsi0" (or hvsi1) as a boot argument. It is highly recommended also to use "vnc=1 vncpassword=abc123" as a boot argument for remote graphical installation after network configuration (on SUSE).

How to install Debian GNU/Linux on OpenPower or POWER5

Network installation

  • In order to install POWER-based systems from the network following is needed:
  • DHCP Server
  • TFTP Server (e.g. atftp)
  • NFS or FTP or HTTP network installation source

SUSE SLES9 SP2 Installation

Providing boot arguments

See Providing boot arguments for network boot for Red Hat and Debian

See mkzimage_cmdline tool for Novell SUSE

dhcpd.conf example

see dhcpd.conf example

How to avoid tftp timeouts

Just set following option starting atftpd or in /etc/sysconfig/atftp: “ - -no-timeout”. See man atftpd for more information.

Creating network installation source for SUSE SLES9

Integrating SP1 in SLES9 installation source:

Firmware update

The firmware update page describes the proceedure to obtain and install microcode.

Install Gentoo on PPC

See "The Gentoo Linux PPC handbook" for details.

Install Gentoo on PPC64

See "The Gentoo Linux PPC64 handbook" for details.

Installing Gentoo SELinux on PPC

See "The Gentoo SELinux PPC handbook" for details.


Hardware RAID

How to setup HW-Raid before installing OS

How to setup HW-Raid after installing OS

Software RAID (md-device)

How to setup Software-Raid using SUSE SP1

How to setup Software-Raid using SUSE SP2

How to setup Software-Raid using Red Hat

HMC Hardware Management Console

How to get virtual serial terminal through SSH?

How to find out which HMC your Machine is attatched to?

How to reboot HMC through SSH connection?

How to reboot partitions thsough SSH connection?

All HMC hints


Virtualization basics - Introduction

How much CPU is used?

Which modules are used for virtualization?

Where to find virtual devices

Using Debian as VIO Server

Virtual SCSI configuration

Virtual network bridging

Scripts for using SLES9 as a VIO server

How to move CDROM and use DLPAR

Where to get LPAR information

  • cat /proc/cpuinfo
  • cat /proc/ppc64/lparcfg


Terminal Server and emulation


LTSP is an add-on package for Linux that allows you to connect lots of low-powered thin client terminals to a Linux server. Applications typically run on the server, and accept input and display their output on the thin client display.

http://www.ltsp.org/ works on Power

NX Server

NX Server Installation on SUSE SLES9

You can download precompiled ppc64 packages for SUSE, Red Hat and Debian at http://debian.tu-bs.de/knoppix/nx/ppc64/

qemu is running on Power

QEMU is a generic and open source processor emulator which achieves a good emulation speed by using dynamic translation.

See http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/status.html

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