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Feel free to ask any technical questions about Linux on OpenPower, POWER5, JS20.

The scope of the wiki

  • Q: There is also a vital community doing embedded Linux work on small 32-bit PowerPC systems, such as those on Freescale processors. May they post wiki pages at this site as well, or must all content be limited to IBM-only products?

Similar question for:

    • Linux on the SONY-Toshiba-IBM Cell processor, a PowerPC chip?
    • Linux on the Microsoft XBox chip (an IBM-supplied PowerPC chip)?
    • Linux on Apple systems?

  • A: Why not :-) Just put it in the right category. --Baut 21:00, 20 Jun 2005 (CEST)

vtmenu escape sequence

How to leave a virtual terminal session using vtmenu?

A: ~.

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